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Conditions of participation and
Rules for the Swiss Digital HR Award

Article 1: object

The award is created and organized by the Association "Swiss Digital HR Award" which is also the owner of the name "Prix du RH Numérique". The prize rewards the projects of teams and public and private organizations which have applied, in their own name or collectively, to initiate, develop or carry out an action within the framework of the digital transformation of their organization.


Article 2. Participants

The prize concerns all public and private companies and organizations with a Human Resources department or department domiciled in Switzerland.

Article 3. Terms of participation

Applications for the prize are open to all companies and public and private organizations described in article 2 that have submitted an application. The application form implies acceptance of these rules. However, if the circumstances so require, the Association "Swiss Digital HR Award" reserves the right to modify, postpone or cancel this operation as well as the related terms without incurring any liability. There is a charge for participation of CHF 600 including registration and application fees and workshop support, to be paid at the time of application, by bank transfer.

Article 4. Price categories

The digital transformation of companies covers very concrete realities and, however, very diverse, depending on the public and private organizations. The "Digital HR Prize" implies that any file presented must meet the categories or requirements  following:

- SMEs up to 400 employees

- Large companies with more than 400 employees headquartered in Switzerland

- Multinationals with a presence in Switzerland.

Article 5. Application file

The application file must be innovative and creative (video clips, audio, company stories, etc.). Each application must be submitted by a HR Director, a member of the HR Department or by the management of the company. The jury declines all responsibility in the event of theft or damage to the documents and media making up the application file.

Article 6. Agenda


1st phase: Launch of the call for applications in Switzerland

2nd phase: Closure of the call for applications on 03/31/2021

3rd phase: Final submission of application files on 08/31/2021 midnight

4th phase: Pitch from companies to members of the Jury made up of Swiss experts in innovation, HRD and CEO

5th phase: Prize-giving ceremony with 5-minute pitch in front of the public and the guest floor.

Article 7. Jury and deliberations

The composition of the jury is not fixed on the date of issue of these regulations. The members of the jury are representatives of Swiss companies which did not apply. They are bound by the strictest confidentiality of candidatures and debates. The jury will deliberate behind closed doors and the finalists will be announced during the award ceremony. The candidates selected in the short-list will be informed individually before the awards ceremony and undertake to participate in the ceremony. The stages of selection and awarding of prizes may be recorded and broadcast.


Article 8.: Advertising & Communication

As part of the event  candidates and winners authorize the "Swiss Digital HR Award" Association to: Publish their full professional contact details and the non-confidential description of their project indicated on the application form, as part of the information and communication actions linked to the "Swiss Digital HRAward " without being able to claim any rights whatsoever. This provision concerns all institutional and general public communication media: files, press releases, websites, video recording and white paper which will be drafted and transmitted as part of the award.

Article 9. Criteria for evaluating files

Each application will be studied according to the following grid:

  • Creative and innovative nature of the application documents

  • Link  with  the  challenges  strategic  and  operational,  the  expectations  and the  needs  from  companies  and  the  solution  /  project  digital  offers

  • Dimension  digital / digital  in  Game

  • Demonstration  from  character  innovative  from  project

  • Impact,  benefit  and  results

  • Potential  of  development  from  project  and  of  creation  of  value

  • Note  personal  from  jury.

Article 10. Confidentiality

All the members of the jury and the people having access to the files submitted within the framework of the "Digital HR Prize"  undertake to keep confidential the information communicated by the candidate companies.

Article 11. Rules

Participation in the prize implies full and complete acceptance of these rules and of the sovereign decisions taken by the jury or the organizations for their application.

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