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Award registration
Discover 5 key points to try to win the Swiss Digital HR Award

1. Your project - give it an incredible name.

2. Evolution - Show how HR teams have contributed to the evolution of their business model.

3. Development - Show how you are reducing the digital divide & implementing an agile digital culture.

4. Identification - highlight your innovative and disruptive experiences & implement new trends.

5. Collaboration - Highlight new forms of collaboration that are being used.

The essentials of the Swiss Digital HR Award

9 evaluation criteria

Each application will be studied according to the following grid:

  • Creative and innovative nature of the application documents

  • Link  with  the  challenges  strategic  and  operational,  the  expectations  and the  needs  from  companies  and  the  solution  /  project  digital  offers

  • Dimension  digital / digital  in  Game

  • Demonstration  from  character  innovative  from  project

  • Impact,  benefit  and  results

  • Potential  of  development  from  project  and  of  creation  of  value

  • Note  personal  from  jury.

3 categories - 3 awards

The "Swiss Digital HR Award" implies that any file presented must meet the categories or requirements  following:

  • Companies + 400 employees domiciled in Switzerland

  • SME - 400 employees domiciled in Switzerland

  • Public Prize voted live during the prize-giving ceremony


1st phase: Launch of the call for applications in Switzerland

2nd phase: Closure of the call for applications on 03/31/2022

3rd phase: Final submission of application files on 02/09/2022 midnight

4th phase: 5-minute pitch for presentation of the participants' files to the members of the Jury made up of experts in innovation, HRD and CEO and Q / A

5th phase: Prize-giving ceremony with 5-minute pitch in front of the public and the guest floor.

Innovation & HR Jury 

Sébastien Kulling.jpg

Sébastien Kulling

Executive Director

digitalswitzerland Foundation

Président du Jury 2023

Sylvain Jaccard.jpg

Sylvain Jaccard

Head of Western Switzerland & Enterprise Europe Network

Switzerland Global Enterprise

Ludovic Bruchez.jpg

Ludovic Bruchez

Direction Conseils et appuis transverses à la Direction générale des RH - Etat de Vaud

Christophe Bossy.jpg

Christophe Bossy

Responsable des Ressources Humaines

Xavier Perrin.jpg

Xavier Perrin

Directeur de Ressources Humaines

Azqore Sa

Lignes abstraites

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